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Hello! I work for a food manufacturing company and we are looking for a new logo, we are playing around with ideas of word art, just to give you an idea of what we're looking for. I am torn between putting up samples/ideas and leaving you free reign to design. I guess when we're in touch we can agree on what you would prefer. The time frame would be in the next week, preferably with the entire process done within 2 weeks. The price is negotiable, I just put a number for the system.

10963 Berlin

Hi guys. I'm a qualified Fitness Trainer, offering my one on one training services. My training focuses on strength and high intensity cardio (HIIT) using just your bodyweight. This is an extremely effective method for burning fat and building muscle. Session's are performed either outside or from the comfort of your own home, whatever suits you best. First session FREE of charge. If you are interested or have any more questions, please send me a message. I look foward to hearing from you. Kind Regards Benjamin Location Berlin, Germany


800 €

We need a camera operator for a half day setup and 5 shoot days starting on 22nd Jan.


Hello ! I need a hammer drill just for a day to install my new curtains !

12049 Berlin

10 €

Need a drill for an hour so that I can put some shelves up in the living room. Needs to go into walls.

13349 Berlin

Electrical saw needed for an hour or so. Any morning tomorrow or next week.

13403 Berlin
Home, Kitchen & Garden

I rent a flat it has no kitchen so I bought the kitchen and need some body to install it


15 €

want to pick up sofa

13407 Berlin

I need an extra lock fitted to my front door

10245 Berlin
Sports, Leisure & Games

Hi I’m going to Brazil in November and need a bag for a 10 days, it needs to fit one kite and a board 135 long

10119 Berlin

20 €

Looking for an amazing person to please lend me a tent and sleeping bag for one night this weekend. Saturday the 19th, return on the 20th.


20 €

hi, i would like to borrow or rent a surf bag for a 6'0 but it's to go on the plane so i need a good bag with a lot of padding. thanks

10119 Berlin
Cars, Motors, Transport

Hallo! We need to pick up a bunch of stuff (all small pieces, no big furniture) from Ikea this afternoon and deliver to Fshain, next to Boxi.


Monday 14-11-2016 I need to move 2 boxes and lots of bags which will fit in a normal car. From Hermannstrasse to area Hauptbahnhof. We can pay and invite you to dinner after :). Will not take more than an hour max.



I would like to have a hand truck today evening near moabit area. We will return it back within 2 hrs

Electronics & Multimedia

Hi guys, anyone has a flashlight for nikon for half a day-Monday?



gesucht >> Hallo .., Ich bin auf der suche nach einem Drucker zu verschenken . Falls jemand einen oder eine nicht mehr braucht und könnte mir geben , wäre ich dankbar. Danke im voraus . Hello.. I'm looking for a printer . If anybody have one doesn't need it anymore i will be thankful.

14163 Berlin

hello, i would like to borrow/rent a gopro session (4 or 5 would be even better) for the week 4th-12th of March. I will happily give a deposit for the price of the camera.

10119 Berlin
Family, Baby & Pets

I would like to rent a stroller or bike transporter with a handle bar (so that it can be pushed) with sitting places for 2 children. from 19 Oct. to 26 Oct.

10437 Berlin

hello, we have a 3 year old female dog, we would like some to take car of her every now and then, someone with experience, if you're interested i can send you some photos and you can meet over coffee.

Clothes & Fashion

I need black high heels number 41 (but not high) this weekend (Nov 27th). Ideal would be to borrow them, but of course I can rent it, if you prefer so. I will use them just some hours on Sunday.(Nov 27th)

12435 Berlin

Hey there! I'm looking for an evening dress(size S/M) in the style of the 1920's I could borrow for a week from next Monday on (01.11.2016). I'm invited to a dress up party but I don"t have a dress so far :( it would be much appreciated


I'm looking for a white faux-fur coat for Halloween 29.10. that is.


I’ve been travelling for 4 months now and miss playing. I finally have a place to myself this weekend and would just love to jam out a little


80 €

Inwould need a big tent for the Last week end of June:)

10119 Berlin


We're putting on a student gig at IPA bar on Friday February 10th and we need a drumkit!